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Our Story


"Wear Good, Feel Good, Do Good"

You know those witty, entertaining, short reads about why "I love fashion" and run this business? Yeah, this isn't one of those. HA! This is a peek into our story...

I've always been a firm believer that if you feel good about how you look that spills over into you feel about yourself and how you act. I spent years helping other women revamp their wardrobe, mix and match their clothes, refashion items to make them work on a budget, buy versatile pieces and LOVE how they looked now matter their age, shape or size. 
While raising my own family I implemented an attitude of doing good and service in small and big ways. I began to share this ideas along with feeling good in the clothes you wear while blogging on Brassy Apple. Blogging brought many opportunities to do things together as a family and share our ideas with a worldwide audience. My entrepreneurial spirit and creative mind were always spinning and I took opportunities that came my way to grow, learn, dream and create involving my family along the way. It's a great thing to create a way to work and play together. 
The question of "how can I make money mom?" and the idea of lemonade stands were frequently brought up. In an effort to foster my own budding entrepreneurs we dived into their interests. Eventually, as life goes, pieces came together and as a family we launched our FEEL GOOD t-shirt business! I involved my kids in picking out the colors of tees, what saying or quote, helping on photo shoots, modeling the tees, packaging, shipping and more. We talked budgets, profits and loss, etc. It was our modern version of a "lemonade stand".   
After a year focused on growing the women's clothing side + add in family life of school, extra curricular activities, sports, etc 1) my kids were too busy to be involved all the time & 2) my boys weren't really THAT interested in women's clothing (LOL! #Idontblamethem). Yet their desire to be businessmen remained.

So, what's a mom/business owner to do? Expand, revamp, give it a try? YES! Because that's just how we roll. My boys research, shop for, invest their money in different items (some completely not related to what we sell) and really enjoy making money - instead of all the women's stuff that just doesn't interest them. And our daughter is dipping her toes in the waters of owning a business as well.

When you shop Salted Avenue you are shopping from a family business, not a big corporation. Kids with dreams and goals. A family that gives back and pays it forward daily. Besides providing versatile wearable style to you, our end goal is to use our increase to help others. We've given donations to several non profit organizations and also our time. Moving forward we've got some bigger heartfelt plans in mind that really hit home for us! And we can't wait to share as those become reality. 

So from our family to yours.... THANK YOU


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