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Bingo BOARD - Free Printable

The best way to have our families learn good things is to:
1) Do them ourselves
2) Have them do/practice them also
We believe, practice and embody the motto: 
Wear good, feel good, do good. (snag the bingo board
  • Wearing Good - helps you feel better about yourself. Sometimes it boosts your mood, sometimes it gives you the strength or POWER to do something or make it through your day. Sometimes it bring a smiles to someone else (like a great saying on a graphic tee) 
  • Feel Good - when you feel good in what you wear it changes how you ACT and react to others. Feeling good in our day makes the biggest difference! 
  • Do Good - when you feel good you DO good? Am I right? And who doesn't more putting more GOOD out into the world and making a difference. Even by a simple smile or holding a door for someone to bigger more visible opportunities. They are make a difference. YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE! 
Get your FREE printable Bingo board HERE
Snap tag and share you using your bingo board! It's a simple way to teach these 3 feel good options to your kiddos! 

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